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Deriving the vision from our alma mater, Rich’s Corporation (USA), we at Rich’s India bring creative solutions to food industry professionals to help foster a delightful customer experience. We operate in more than 500 cities Pan India with 500+ strong associates. With our focus on Innovation, Quality, Convenience and Efficiency; the power to Imagine, Believe, Create and Grow is infinite. As we continue to build a Rich Experience, we pledge to keep nourishing a world of possibilities for generations of associates, customers and communities. Let’s dream, discover and deliver.
Founded by Robert Rich Sr. in 1945. Rich Products Corporation was born from an innovation – the world’s first non-dairy Whip Topping. Since 1996, Rich Products & Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Has revolutionized the bakery industry in India with the launch of Rich’s Whip Topping, India’s first and largest selling frozen and vegan whip topping. Rich’s is the world leader in the Whip Topping category and is vastly recognized for its focus and dedication to provide value added solutions to the bakery as well food industry.
Not so long ago, we planted a delicious idea that soon grew into a tree – we called it the Curry Tree. Our mission is to recreate the magic of curries of India, with lots of pride and zero prejudice. Our dream is to indulge one and all in the experience of our products, without intruding into each one’s dietary preferences. Our goal is to simplify the art of curry making, and bring a first-time cook closer to feeling like a full-time chef.
Tasting tradition and traversing cuisines; connecting hearts one simple meal at a time.
Dhanwantri Foods is largest Organic store
Help or bless someone to live longer! This is what we envision our brand to be. To take care of life and health of people internally and externally, and make the society aware about the benefits of using organic and natural products as against the harmful effects of chemicalized and adulterated products.