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About SALT for Cooking

For the first time in India’s love for food, happy to introduce SALT for cooking, a 100% user-generated cooking appreciation platform. SALT for cooking’ brings you likes and followers who appreciate your videos or podcasts of daily and specialty cooking that’s made in your way and in your style. Have some fun and register to upload.

Let the whole world now see the talented chef in you!


Cheers Chatty Ventures Private Limited introduces SALT for cooking, an aggregator appreciation platform to inspire people from all walks of life to view, create and share their unique cooking videos.


CEO & Co-founder, Anu Rao, is a passionate food enthusiast and hosts ‘The Quick Cook – Anu Rao’ Podcast. She is an entrepreneur managing a successful real estate business in luxury and premium homes and specializes in expat relocations.
She has worked with people from different countries and cultures and has outstanding networking and businessskills that mark her successful entrepreneurship.

CCO (Chief Creative Officer) & Co-founder, is the host of ‘Cheers Chatty Beer Podcast, India’s first & only beer podcast.’ A serial entrepreneur with a knack for wrapping a creative mind around the business idea, she brings on to the table her expertise in branding, creative communication and business development imbibed from decades of experience in advertising and digital marketing. With over 200 podcasts under their belt to date, Anu and Chatty are working with a vision to making SALT a cooking appreciation platform that brings joy to the maker and the viewer in equal parts.


Anything cooked with love is
worthy of appreciation.

How can you join SALT?

There is no single style of cooking a dish. It can be cooked differently by the same person and differently by different people. What appeals to each one’s palate is variety.
Men, Women or Children who like to share what they cook or simply wish to explore new recipes from peers, cooks, moms, grandmoms, aunts, uncles, restaurant chefs, temple cooks, specialty food stores or event caterers can now use this short video app to learn from such contributors or simply just share their own food hacks, food fun and everything about food.
By uploading your content,you are confirming that it is your own, original and authentic content. Any complaints of plagiarism could result in videos or podcasts being pulled down from the website and the contributor facing legal issues independently.
After submitting your video/podcast or both, you can view it on the SALT website in under 24 hours.
All content received in the required format, is subject to agreeing to the terms and conditions applicable and approval from the SALT team.

Who is a SALT Chef?

Salt is for you, whether or not you are a home maker, you can share your super recipes or explore new recipes from peers, cooks, moms, grandmoms, aunts, uncles, restaurant chefs, temple cooks, junior chefs, specialty food stores or event caterers who contribute and share their personalized recipes, food fun, tips and tricks, and everything about food.

Anu Rao

Cofounder & Chief Executive Officer

Chatty Girija

Cofounder & Chief Creative Officer